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In our organic farming blog you will find all kinds of articles dedicated to sustainable farming. In our articles we keep you up to date on the latest news on agriculture, fertilizers, products and irrigation techniques or on how to combat viruses and pests in an environmentally friendly way.

Keep up to date and learn more about the current events surrounding organic farming and, of course, everything about our company and products. We will share with you everything you need to know about our organic fertilizers and the latest news about Novasys.


Novasys takes care of your crops in Summer

The heat knocks on the door, ending some harvests and starting the production of many other fruits and vegetables. In Almería, long cycle crops, such as tomato and pepper, are giving way to more typical of the summer products, such as melon and watermelon....

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acuae copia

Acuae improves the appearance of ponds, lakes and fountains

Novasys’ Acuae line is totally harmless to people and aquatic and terrestrial fauna. Therefore, in addition to being used for the treatment of water in reservoirs for crop irrigation, is also a suitable product to maintain a good appearance of ponds, lakes and fountains...

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