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The organic fertilizer Nutre has a range of highly nutritious products for your crop. In their composition are different types of fertilizers and biostimulants totally natural, including both: in their raw material and in the manufacturing process.


All the Nutre range products are totally respectful with the environment. They are certified for being suitable for organic agriculture, being the best natural solutions for all types of crops.


They provide a complete and balanced composition with all the active principles necessary for the correct vegetative development of the plant.

Liquid organic fertilizers for plants

Liquid organic fertilizers for plants are products specially designed for foliar application or to be absorbed by irrigation thanks to their solubility. You can choose the form that presents the best absorption for the plant and/or species to be treated.


The range of natural fertilizer Nutre offers several organic fertilizers perfect for improving plants and crops. With them, you will be able to increase both the production and the quality of the fruits; being able to be applied in any type of crops.


In addition, the liquid organic fertilizer Nutre is totally natural and eco friendly. Not only is it recommended for large-scale agriculture, but it is also suitable for use in your home as a natural fertilizer for the plants in your garden or in your orchard.


Within the range of liquid organic fertilizer Nutre you will find the following products: Nutre Organic, Nutre Calcio, Nutre Regulador de pH, Nutre Humic, Nutre Manganeso, Nutre Raiz, Nutre Fosfórico, Nutre Porasa Neutra, Nutre 14-3-10, Nutre N Calcio, Nutre NK, Nutre Aminoácidos, Nutre Organic Cítricos y Nutre Potásico.