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In our range of organic fertilizers Vigore you will find a wide range of nutritional and biostimulant products. All of them have only organic and natural compounds in their composition. This is a range of products that is respectful with the environment and that are totally natural, including both: their raw materials and the manufacturing process.


All organic fertilizers Vigore provide a complete and balanced composition that contains all the active principles necessary for the correct vegetative development of the plant.


In the same way, they improve the harvests in terms of production and quality of fruits; being able to be applied in any type of crop.

What are organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are products that mprove plants and crops in a sustainable way. hey will improve your harvest in terms of their production and the quality of the fruits obtained. In addition, they have the advantage of being able to be applied in any type of crop; being authorized for eco responsible agriculture.


These organic fertilizers provide more nutrients to plants in a natural way. They are ideal products to get more out of the organic orchard crops.


The main objective of organic agriculture is obtaining healthy food, and higher nutritional quality, without the presence of substances of chemical synthesis by sustainable procedures. This is achieved by applying agronomic, biological and mechanical methods instead of using synthetic materials to perform any specific function of the system.



Types of ecological fertilizers

There are numerous types of organic fertilizers being one of them the products of the Vigore range. These stand out for their ability to maximize the prevention of diseases and pests while ensuring the proper development of plants, making them more resistant.
Organic farming must be based on preventive methods, promoting the good development of plants and therefore their natural resistance to pests and diseases.


All the types of ecological fertilizers that you will find in this section are products as natural as humus and important as irrigation water.


These products have a positive effect on plants and crops, which is why they are a key factor in favour of organic farming. You can buy products to improve the health and performance of your olive grove, tomatoes, cereals or any other type of plants, fruits and vegetables.


In short, the wide variety of options offered by Vigore improve plants and harvests in general, not only in production but also in the quality of the fruits they produce.


The organic fertilizers that can be found within the Vigore range are: Vigore Eco, Vigore Plus, Vigore CalciumB, Vigore Potasium, Vigore Complex, Vigore Activador del Suelo, Vigore Aminoácidos, Vigore Multivigore y Vigore Calcio Organic.