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The range of water treatment for irrigation Acuae products is focused on the purification of water, especially in reservoirs for crop irrigation.


This is carried out in a natural and totally respectful to the environment way, protecting the irrigation machinery and optimizing the quality of the water used. Its ability to prevent problems caused by the appearance and development of algae is particularly noteworthy. In this way, the water treated with Acuae can be used without limitations in both conventional and organic agriculture.


Additionally, all Acuae irrigation water treatment products can be used to obtain great benefits in ponds, water ponds or lakes. Since they are an ideal preventive solution to control the appearance of fungi.

Water treatment for agricultural irrigation

Agriculture is by far the largest water consumer globally. 70% of the world’s water consumption is for crop irrigation and this plays a key role in the production of safe and good quality food.
By using the Acuae irrigation water treatment products in plants you can achieve optimum quality machinery and irrigation water. at all times. Having the best possible conditions is the best way to avoid problems caused by the appearance and proliferation of algae, such as clogging filters.


The use of Acuae is especially indicated in the waters of reservoirs with which the crops are irrigated. Since it is a range of products totally innocuous for people and for all the aquatic and terrestrial fauna. In addition, it avoids the destruction of the bacterial fauna that is very beneficial for the soil.


Acuae is also a range of products that is especially indicated as a preventive solution to control fungi.



Water treatment products for agricultural use

In this way, Acuae irrigation water treatment products ensure the best results without the need to apply aggressive products to the crops and the soil. This means that the treated water can be used without limitations in irrigation, both for conventional and ecological agriculture.


Acuae is easy to use as it is poured directly onto the pond, fountain or reservoir to be treated. Due to its high solubility, it is dispersed in a short period of time until its homogenization. This quickly and effectively reduces the development of algae in the water, which remains in the best possible condition.


Within the Acuae range you can find the following water treatment products: Acuae Azul y Acuae Bac.