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NPK fertilisers Densys are a range of fertilisers made from the highest quality raw materials. They are natural and totally chlorine-free products. They have a unique formula with coadjuvant agents that facilitate the application and nutritional effectiveness of the products.

NPK Fertilizers for the Orchard

Buying NPK fertilizers has great benefits for your orchard, olive trees, vineyards, orchids or others. Our innovative system and the way we create them means that all the products in the Densys range have a series of differentiating elements that optimise both their effectiveness and efficiency compared to other types of fertilisers.


NKP fertilisers Densys have the advantage of guaranteeing an uniform distribution of the product, favouring homogeneity when applying it.


Este sistema permite una symbiosis between nutrients and adjuvants, that provides a wetting effect. This encourages the creation of a frame and mycodeposits along the entire plant surface, ensuring uniform distribution.

This system allows an optimal application efficiency, allowing nutrient deposits to be absorbed by the plant according to its needs.


Benefits of NPK fertilizer types

When using NPK fertilisers it is important to ensure that NPK fertilisers are authorised by some kind of body to ensure that they are truly a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.


All products in the Densys range are authorised NPK fertilisers. It is a revolutionary nutrient transport system that concentrates solid fertilisers with the facilities of a liquid.
It has the advantages of easy dosage and dissolution. In addition, it offers a guarantee of total solubility and compatibility with other types of fertilizers.


Enjoy the multiple formulations of the NKP fertilisers Densys range. Find different compounds depending on the phase and crop to be treated: Densys 10-30-10, Densys 40-10-10, Densys 15-15-15, Densys 15-8-30, Densys 10-0-36 y Densys Aguacate.