Acuae improves the appearance of ponds, lakes and fountains

acuae copia

Novasys’ Acuae line is totally harmless to people and aquatic and terrestrial fauna. Therefore, in addition to being used for the treatment of water in reservoirs for crop irrigation, is also a suitable product to maintain a good appearance of ponds, lakes and fountains of zoos golf courses, gardens and hotels, among others.

Controlling fungi and algae is the main objective of Acuae, a range of economic products very easy to use. They are poured directly on the water to be treated and, thanks to their high solubility, homogenization is achieved in a short period of time. Acuae Azul controls algae, minimizing their population and respecting the ecosystem, while giving back to the water its natural crystalline blue appearance. The results are fast and long time lasting. For its part, Acuae Bac is used in the biological treatment and maintenance of waters and ponds, keeping them free of the agents that feed the algae. It is a harmless product and, therefore, suitable for organic farming, which avoids the clogging of irrigation systems, filters and drains for agricultural use.

It should be noted that the quality of the water used for irrigation is essential for agricultural production and the quality of the products. Acuae makes it possible to maintain soil productivity in a sustainable way while contributing to the protection of the environment.


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