Novasys celebrates 10 years of natural solutions for agriculture



The company Novasys, from Almeria, is celebrating its anniversary. In this month of October, Novasys is celebrating ten years of existence, a period in which the company has developed different natural solutions for the agricultural sector.

Though a decade has passed since its birth, the grounds of this company lies further back in time, especially in 1999, when its manager, Eduardo Cañizares, began a research at the University of Almeria on the benefits of microalgae applied to agriculture.

This research continued until 2010, the year in which Novasys was officially founded, with a clear commitment to R&D&i as its core philosophy. Nowadays, the company has created products for both intensive and extensive agriculture in Spain, Europe, North Africa and Central America.

The activity of this biotechnology company implies a development of research projects at European level and with more than 300 products researched and tested in both solid and liquid format.

The search for the best sustainable options to optimize crops by increasing the production and quality of fruits is the basis of daily work, where respect for the safety of people is one of the main pillars, along with the conservation of aquaculture and terrestrial fauna and soil.

All this would not be possible without the dedication and effort of the people who make up the team of Novasys, a small large family working in the same direction, to plant today what they will collect tomorrow.


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