Novasys Pharma’s Vigore range, key at the start of the agricultural season

vigore fertilizante ecologico fortificante

Many of you are about to start a new agricultural season. Many months of work and effort remain ahead of you with the sole aim of achieving the best products. In Novasys Pharma you will find a wide range of organic fertilizers, backed by years of experience and the confidence of professional farmers.

One of our most demanded ranges is Vigore, which has nutritional and bio-stimulant products that respect the environment and provide a complete and balanced composition of active principles essential for the correct development of the plant. Two are the most outstanding products within this range for the start of harvests:

    • Vigore Activador de Suelos is a liquid microbiological preparation with probiotic action, created for regenerating soils and revitalizing plants. It is also a harmless, natural and respectful product, with nutritional effect, which helps the transformation of organic matter, the formation of humus, the decomposition of sugars and the natural synthesis of phytohormones. It should also be noted that Vigore Activador de Suelos has the main strains of bacteria naturally present in the soil, as well as macro and micronutrients, biosynthesized enzymes, growth stimulants and vitamins.
    • Vigore Eco is an extract of cyanobacteria with a high amount of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and a whole set of nutrients and active principles that the plant will need throughout its vegetative development. This product activates and regulates the natural growth of the plant, has a rooting effect and favours the appearance of new shoots. In addition to being a natural and innocuous product, it generates vigorous and balanced plants, as well as good blooms and fruit set.

The combination of Vigore Activador de Suelos and Vigore Eco is a guarantee of success in the production, being also its economic and simple application.

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