Novasys Pharma

At Novasys Pharma we offer the best sustainable solutions for your crops. We are a biotechnology company dedicated to the development, manufacture and selling of products for agriculture, both organic and conventional.


We seek to create products that improve your crops, both increasing your production and the quality of your fruits. In addition, we are also dedicated to developing solutions to the problems we encounter every day in the field. Always from a point of view totally respectful with the environment. Taking care of the people, the aquaculture and terrestrial fauna and the soil.


Our company Novasys Pharma

Located in Almeria, one of the world’s largest centers of agriculture, Novasys Pharma seeks to meet the needs of crops in a natural and sustainable way.
Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars of our activity. In Novasys Pharma we have an absolute trust in the power of on R+D+I combined with our more than twenty years of experience in the sector.


Our objective is to become a benchmark in the development and manufacture of natural, innovative, ecological and zero waste solutions. At the same time, we are able to optimise the quality and yield of our crops, always seeking sustainable agriculture.


We want to take our model to an international context within the expansion process in which we are fully immersed. In which the commitment to biofertilizers that characterizes Novasys Pharma is undoubtedly our added value.